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model Model si Regulament / Model and Rules

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In cazul in care doriti sa faceti o propunere acestei comunitati, tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa respectati regulamentul, cerintele si modelul prezente mai jos in acest topic. Orice idee/sugestie/propunere este bine venita daca aceasta poate ajuta in design/dezvoltare.
Regulament postare propuneri:
- Nu aveti dreptul de a "stresa" staff-ul sa ia o decizie. Fiecare decizie va fi luata la timpul ei.
- Doar administratorii au dreptul de a lua o decizie finala.
- Decizia finala poate dura de la 1 la 3 zile .

- Membrii nu au dreptul de a lasa reply cu "+1, buna idee", doar staff-ul au acces de a isi exprima parerea, cei care incalca aceasta regula vor primi 1 Warn pe forum!
Ce puteti propune?: 

  • Modificari aduse categoriilor / subforumurilor
  • Adaugarea / scoaterea categoriilor sau a subforumurilor
  • Adaugarea unor hook-uri.
  • Propunerea unor concursuri / competitii.
  • Modificari in design-ul forumului
  • Crearea unor noi module gen: Applications, Shop, Awards sau altele.
  • Desigur daca aveti un alt tip de propunere care considerati ca ar dezvolta comuniatea intr-un mod bun ,atunci va ascultam.
  • NU puteti propune crearea unor noi servere sau despre staff, acestea vor fi respinse automat!


  • Titlu propunere nume
  • Numele propunerii:
  • Cu ce ne ajuta ?:
  • Detalii: 


If you want to make a proposal to this community, all you have to do is follow the rules, requirements and model presented below in this topic. Any idea / suggestion / proposal is welcome if it can help design / development.

Posting Guidelines Proposal:

- You do not have the right to "stress" the staff to make a decision. Every decision will be taken in her own time.

- Only administrators have the right to make a final decision.

- The final decision can take from 1 to 3 days.

- Members do not have the right to leave a response with "+1 good idea", only staff have access to express their opinion, those who violate this rule will receive 1 Warn on the forum!

What to propose ?:

  • Modifications to categories / subforums
  • Add / remove categories or subforums
  • Adding hooks.
  • Proposals for competitions / competitions.
  • Changes in forum design
  • Create new modules like: Applications, Shop, Awards, or more.
  • Of course, if you have another type of proposal that you think would develop community in a good way, then we would listen.
  • You can NOT propose creating new servers or staff, they will be automatically rejected!


  • Name proposal name :
  • Proposal Name:
  • With what helps us ?:
  • Details:
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